About us

We would consider it the greatest success if everyone who hunted with us not only enjoyed the finest waterfowling in North America, but learned something about waterfowling, plant ecology, waterfowl management, water management and pure love of the sport! We have built it, come and enjoy the hunting and hospitality!

  • Tony VandemoreOwner

    Tony is co-owner of Habitat Flats and Habitat Flats: Central Prairie Lodges. His first appearance in the blind took place while he was a toddler in his home state of Illinois, and he has since grown to become one of the world's leading authorities on waterfowl hunting and habitat management. Today, Tony resides in Missouri and operates Habitat Flats, from managing the land for waterfowl to guiding. Renowned outdoor photographer and dedicated conservationist, Tony is also Lead Ambassador of the elite group of Under Armour Waterfowl Athletes.

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  • Ira McCauleyOwner

    Ira is co-owner of Habitat Flats and Habitat Flats: Central Prairie Lodges. He is a practicing veterinarian and co-owner of McCauley Animal Clinic, as well as owner of MOmarsh. Ira hails from Missouri and has been hand carving decoys for over 15 years.

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  • Aaron McCauleyOwner

    Aaron is co-owner of Habitat Flats and Habitat Flats: Central Prairie Lodges. He is a practicing Veterinarian and co-owner of McCauley Animal Clinics, and currently holds the Missouri state record Whitetail in the Archery Typical Class.

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  • Dan DaugherityOwner

    Dan is co-owner of Habitat Flats and Habitat Flats: Central Prairie Lodges. He was born and raised in our local area of Sumner, Missouri, and has spent a lifetime farming, hunting, and managing for Trophy Whitetails. Dan owns Daugherity Farms and farms his local properties full-time.

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  • Ben FujanGuide

    Ben started hunting at 5 years old with his Dad and Grandpa in Nebraska. In his home state of South Dakota, he went on to win the State Duck Calling Championship, and has successfully guided for 10 years. Ben loves hunting Mallards in the river or timber, and Snows in dry fields. His sidekick Yellow Lab, Titan, has been hunting at Habitat Flats since the beginning. His newcomer Black Lab, River, is making his name fast! During the off season, Ben is an Intensive Care RN in South Dakota.

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  • Mark BlossGuide

    Mark started hunting when he was 4 years old, here in his home state of Missouri. An experienced caller and focused hunter, you can find Mark hunting Mallards in the timber during HF seasons with his Black Lab, Rebel. During the off season, he is a brick layer and stone mason.

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  • Aaron HintzGuide

    Aaron started waterfowling at 8 years old in his home state of Illinois, favoring Mallards from a young age. Today, he'll always prefer timber holes in the sunshine with his Black Lab, Dakota by his side. The off season finds Aaron back in Illinois, farming full time.

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  • Mike AbbadessaGuide

    Mike has been a longtime staple at HF, both in the field, and in the Lodge. A longtime waterfowl hunter, Mike also is owner of Missouri Restaurant Hall of Fame's "Pear Tree" & "AJ's" Restaurants, located in Macon, MO. "Abby" contributes regularly to the HF cuisine, from aged filets to his famous Pizza Nights. Mike started hunting when he was 12, and his favorite duck hunt finds him calling in Mallards over water with his gun dog, Black Lab Jaycie.

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  • Tyler SahrGuide & Photographer

    Tyler hails from Minnesota and began hunting at the young age of 8. He both guides and photographs for Habitat Flats, and is a valued addition in the field regardless of what he is shooting! Tyler's preferred fowl are Snows and Lessers in dry fields. His Black Lab, Hustler, is a great part of the HF Lab team.

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  • Arliss ReedGuide

    New Yorker Arliss started joining his Father and Grandpa in the blind when he was 5 years old, and began his shooting career at age 12. In 2015, he celebrates his 20th anniversary as a waterfowler as he joins Habitat Flats. Arliss loves hunting Mallards, Black Ducks, Ringnecks and Snows. Preferably, big rivers for Ducks and cornfields for Snows! Without a doubt, his Black Lab, Jake, is at his side.

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  • Cooper OlmsteadCo-Owner: CPL

    Coopers first time waterfowl hunting was in his home state of Iowa. Chris Phillips a close family friend introduced Cooper to the world waterfowl at a young age. He's passionate about hunting ducks on the river, and is equally torn, when mobs of snow geese make their annual spring migration. He' has a German Drathaur named Sherman that accompanies him in the field as a great dual purpose waterfowl dog.

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  • Spencer ProulxGuide

    Spencer started hunting at the age of 8 with his Dad, in their home state of Connecticut. He brings a wide variety of waterfowl hunting experiences to HF, but still prefers mallards in timber or running traffic on big Canadas over all else. Spencer can always be found hunting with his black lab, Bo, and using his outstanding calling skills to bring 'em in close. During the off-season he enjoys fishing, or spending time with friends and family.

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  • There’s a reason that HF is rated the #1 waterfowl lodge in North America. They have the acres and habitat that provides full straps for their clients. The lodge is amazing and their staff makes you feel like you’re at home. The food is amazing as well. What Tony and his crew offer is truly an experience that any waterfowler would enjoy. We’ve hunted other places in Missouri, and hunted for 13 straight years in Arkansas. None of those experiences compare to HF. There’s also a reason that more waterfowl are not making it to Arkansas anymore. HF and how they manage their habitat is part of that reason.

    Brad H.

  • My family and I always look forward to our Fall duck hunt at Habitat Flats. You and your team provide the ultimate in waterfowl habitat and superb hunting. Duck hunting like the good old days. I love to bring my son and grandkids. We've never had a better hunting experience. Your folks work so hard to get it all right.

    Robin H.