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A Legacy is Built.

In 2008, four hunting buddies decided to make their passion for waterfowl and conservation into an outfitting business in northern Missouri. The area was rich with opportunity, and the hunting was stellar. With their knowledge of land management and combined lifetimes' experience hunting, Habitat Flats was born.


Humble beginnings and relentless determination begot big results. 



The dream of Tony Vandemore, Ira McCauley, Aaron McCauley and Dan Daugherity has grown exponentially into the waterfowling mecca that Habitat Flats is today, and the momentum of our growth is propelling forward as fast as it ever was. With 2 lodges in Missouri, operations in Arkansas and Saskatchewan, and over 12 years of business success, Habitat Flats sets the bar. 

In 2020, Habitat Flats expanded its hunting empire to include a very special, new endeavor. One that had been both long requested and long discussed. Fall '20 marked the ground breaking of Habitat Flats Kennels, a service that reaches beyond the hunter to that of their best friend: the invaluable gun dog. HFK specializes in training elite retrievers at all stages of gun dog development. No hunting dogs in the country face the daily demands of the Habitat Flats retriever, and we are now offering this infallible, fine-tuned approach to your loyal hunting companions. HFK also boasts of premium breeding, puppy sales, started/finished gun dog sales, as well as a facet of retriever training that is all too often overlooked: owner education. Visit the Habitat Flats Kennels pages to learn more. 

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