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Missouri: The Grand

The Grand is located at the southern end of the Golden Triangle, thirty five minutes South of our current Missouri Lodge. This property borders not only the Missouri River, but also the Grand Pass Conservation Area, which is the largest concentration of mallards in the Midwest. With three miles of prime habitat alongside both the refuge and Missouri River, the hunting will be nothing short of spectacular.

Not to be outdone by the hunting, the Grand Lodge view is incredible. The lodge sits on the bluff bordering the property overlooking all of our flooded fields and into the refuge. After the hunt, pour a drink and get ready to enjoy the afternoon show! Watch tens of thousands of ducks milling about the refuge and the flooded fields while sitting next to a toasty fire.


The Grand features 12 single occupancy rooms with a private bathroom in each room.  With only twelve guests at a time, it is an intimate experience with a plethora of blinds to choose from.  Afternoon upland hunts for pheasants over pointing dogs and European tower shoots can be added, but must be scheduled in advance.  The pointing dog hunts include 5 birds per person.  Additional birds are $25 each and we can put out as many as you’d like.


And of course, you can expect the same incredible food we have served for years: prime rib, aged beef, etc. Don’t plan on losing any weight while hunting with us! All packages include meals, snacks and bar (beer/wine). 

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