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Missouri Ducks: The Grand

Thank you for booking a duck hunt with us in Missouri!


Check in is anytime after 5:00PM the evening prior to your first day of hunting.  We will have drinks, appetizers and dinner awaiting you.  Departure time is after lunch on the third day of hunting.  Lodging, excellent meals, all snacks, beer, and wine are provided.  If you wish to bring hard liquor you are more than welcome to.  Please keep in mind our AM departures are early.

If you are flying commercial, Kansas City International is the closest major commercial airport.  You can fly in there, rent a car and drive the two hours over to the Lodge.


If you are flying private, there is. a regional airport within 20 minutes of the Lodge in Marshall, MO.  To rent a car, call Ted's Auto: (660) 886-5101. 

What to Bring:

- You will need to get your licenses prior to arriving at the Lodge as we do not have them for sale there.  You can get your license online on the Missouri Department of Conservation website (,  or at any Walmart in the state.  You will need the following to be able to hunt:

  • Federal Duck Stamp

  • Non Resident Small Game License ($11/day or $80 annually)

  • State Migratory Bird Permit ($6)

- If you have not completed a Certified Hunter’s Education course or have lost your completed certificate number, you will need to first get the Apprentice Hunter’s Authorization Permit ($10) which then allows you to buy a license.  You can find it explained HERE.

You will need to bring your normal hunting clothes, chest waders, shotgun, and shotgun shells.  We do have shotguns available for rent and shells available for purchase at the Lodge if you don’t wish to travel with yours.  If there is anything you need when you get here, please feel free to check out the Pro Shop!

As always, should you have any questions concerning your trip, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me (Tony).  Cell service isn’t the best so email tends to work a little better, but feel free to try either option.

Additional questions about your stay? Contact Arliss Reed: 315-576-5116. 

Lodge Address:

21774 Coon Hollow Road

Miami, MO. 65344

We look forward to having you all in camp!  

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